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Tennis Racket

Head Coach

Steven Chavez began competing in tennis in his teenage years and loved the sport right away. He had played varsity team sports before finding tennis but then focused fully on the sport. As his passion grew, he partnered with a USTA professional to work and train in tennis.


As skills both in coaching and tennis improved, Steven went on to play for the Dino’s Tennis at the University of Calgary. There, he continued to coach working in as a teaching pro for a public outdoor club (The Calgary Tennis Club), a private indoor club (World Health, Edgemont), and a premier tennis development facility in Canada (Osten and Victor Alberta Tennis Centre).


Through Steven’s interactions with some of Canada’s best coaches, he was able to refine his coaching to tailor learning and development plans for beginning players and elite high performance athletes alike.


Now he focuses on biomechanics and technical development of athletes. His approach incorporates ideal body motion of each athlete that promotes longevity and sustainability of high performance. Steven have been working on this methodology since he began coaching in 2009 that maximizes individual athlete’s potential.

International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) certified.

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